Turning CO2 into Oil

Creating a clean, liquid fuel, from carbon in the atmosphere.

During the last six years I have been working on an attempt to find a process and technology set that can produce diesel and jet fuel as cheaply as from fossil crude oil, but clean and without emitting CO2. This work was successfully concluded during 2015.

We will soon be introducing to the world diesel that burns clean, with a much lower SOx and NOx profile than crude based diesel, produces less smoke, and has negative carbon emissions. The more of this diesel the world uses, the less CO2 will be in the atmosphere, creating one of the biggest paradigm shifts in modern history.

With only small technical and chemical adjustments, we can also produce an almost exact copy of existing jet fuel, albeit with a slightly lower energy content — but it remains a feasible fuel to use without mixing with fossil based fuels.

More information is available only on the basis of stringent NDA and Non-Circumvent agreements.