Carl (left) presenting Skymining to the head of UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) Achim Steiner, and the previous and incoming head of UNEA (United Nations Environment Assembly).

Welcome to my website. When I was 22 years old, I wrote my Philosophic Master Plan, which I am only now beginning to fully understand — more than 30 years later. In the mean time, I was an an inventor, philosopher and serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years’ experience in energy markets. Since the early 1990s, when I set up my first purchasing group for oil and electricity, I have been a part of a multitude of projects, some of which were great success stories and some of which have failed. I learned much more from the latter.

The most important lesson of my life was simply this: as within, so without. I could never create or manifest anything in the physical world that was better than who I was inside. External failings were actually failings of me as a man. That was a tough thing to fully admit and assimilate. Since then, there have been many years of soul searching, many years of pain, and finally a meeting with the deepest mysteries in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. I found love and truth, and only now can I represent truth with integrity.

Under my background I speak more about what went right and wrong in my life, and how that formed who I am today. I have come to understand that the physical universe and nature are the highest expression of the sacred, and that the human being must now ascend to survive...

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Current Work


Since 2009, I have been working on a method to permanently reverse climate change. This led to the invention of Skymining, a process of reversing the carbon flow in the biosphere and turning atmospheric CO2 into a renewable solid fuel... READ MORE

Oil from CO2

I have recently concluded work to develop a new production pathway from CO2 to diesel and jet fuel, which will be the basis of supplying the world with commercially viable substitutes for liquid fuels based on fossil fuels... READ MORE

The World's First Asset-Backed Currency

I am fortunate now to be working with a very fine team of people to create the world’s first fully asset backed currency since the US went off the gold standard in 1971. Our currency is backed by the world’s largest carbon asset and will be inflation proof... COMING SOON